1. lotsareactiongifs:

    when i try to flirt

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  2. rneerkat:

    rapunzel rapunzel throw down some sick beats

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  3. sfux:

    do you know what would look good inside of you? ;) a fucking bullet bye

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  4. houndoom:

    people who act like hot shit when they’re really just room temperature shit

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  6. If I was a guy for a day,




    I would:

    • Masturbate.
    • Hug a girl to see if it’s true that they can feel their boobs.
    • Walk around the house naked.
    • Pee behind a building.
    • Ask someone to kick me in the balls to see how painful some boys say it hurts.
    • Yell at girls at the mall saying, “CAN I HOLLA FOR A DOLLA?”
    • Stare at my penis. 
    • Get a blowjob.

    you seem to think that getting a blowjob is easy

    it is not

    not with that attitude 

    How would you know..? *^*

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  7. awkwardly-anonymous:

    whenever people post bathroom mirror pics i always look at what they have on their counter bc you can find interesting things like princess toothpaste that give you insight to their lives

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  9. *sees a cute boy* i want it

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  10. lameborghini:

    my spidey sense is tellin me that ur a little bitch

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